Full blown spring has finally arrived and so came the major spring feast days, Easter. I know, I know, there is huge spiritual dimension, but I am bit more into its pagan core. This consist of mix of nice spring food, traditions and leisure. With my gf and parents we went to our cottage in the country to stay there for prolonged weekend to enjoy awakening nature. I brought “lamb box” from the real meat society with us as I feel that the lamb meat is exactly what it takes to make some Easter atmosphere.


  • various lamb chunks
  • rosemary
  • garlic
  • oregano
  • olive oil
  • salt


It ain't no rocket science to roast some lamb. All I would recommend is to act slow and steady, using low temperatures. For this, I utilized our massive tile stove. First of all, wash and dry all the meat you are about to roast. I went with some knee, hanger and ham. Put all the meat into convenient baking dish. Now stuff it with garlic cloves (don't lavish!). I prefer to make little holes where possible and insert cloves inside in order to avoid possible garlic burning. Sprinkle with olive oil and herbs and let bake in low temperature for several hours. Do not forget to monitor the process carefully. You do not want to spoil the lamb as you would easily ruin the whole Easter feel!

”Agrhhh, fresh meat...”