Full blown spring has finally arrived and so came the major spring feast days, Easter. I know, I know, there is huge spiritual dimension, but I am bit more into its pagan core. This consist of mix of nice spring food, traditions and leisure. With my gf and parents we… Read more →

Recipe 15: Banana pancakes, almost success story

To make sunday morning a little special for us, I made some paleo pancakes. Even though you are allowed to use wheat flour, frying pancakes can get tough. But when you are not allowed to, it can render this job almost impossible to accomplish. So I have studied a number… Read more →

Recipe 14: Intense meatballs with burnt onion

I have decided to prepare some meatballs. I was planning to make a lot of them in order to freeze them and have some make-ahead food prepared for the future days. I bought quite a quality meat in the butchery and was looking forward to enjoy my long term fancied… Read more →

Recipe 13: Hot turkey legs a la Prehistorik

I have found some perfect paleo looker. This one looks really very paleo. Meat and bone, pure style. Those huge turkey legs remind me of good old Prehistorik game that I had been enjoying some 15 years ago, with its impressive collection of food. Turkey is a nice animal, really… Read more →

Recipe 12: Cauliflower wrap with ham

This one originates from The Iron You, blog about triathlon and healthy life style. It was modified quit a bit to fit our paleo needs (still leting some mozzarella in), but basically the idea remains the same. To imitate some of fast food heavy weights like hot wraps, that time… Read more →

Recipe 11: Porridge of cauliflower and buttersquash

This delicious and handy side dish recipe comes from K├íja from nice blog called Paleoblog1. Its author is lady obviously way more experienced in the field of practical cooking, so I often visit her blog to let the inspiration find me. I have just noticeably increased the share of almost… Read more →